So, They Asked Jesus to Leave

Meanwhile the eyewitnesses reported to them how the demon-possessed man was delivered. Then all the people of the Gerasene region asked Him to leave them, because they were gripped by great fear. So getting into the boat, He returned.  Luke 8:37 HCSB

Our Scripture passage today is about a man who was possessed by many demons. This man had lived in torment for many years. He wore no clothes and had lived in the tombs. He was cast out from the town and often suffered seizures. He was also guarded and bound by chains and shackles but would often snap the restraints and be driven by the demon into deserted places (Luke 8:29).

Jesus commanded the demons to come out of the man. The demons begged Jesus not to banish them to the abyss or a pit. Jesus allowed them to enter a herd of pigs. The demons entered the pigs and the pigs rushed down a steep bank into the lake and drowned. Those who saw what happened ran into town to tell the people.

When these people came out and saw this man dressed, sitting at Jesus’ feet and in his right mind, they were afraid. They were gripped with great fear and asked Jesus to leave.

Why did they ask Jesus to leave? Well, they could have been upset about the financial impact of losing the pigs or maybe it was that they were in fear of Jesus’ awesome spiritual power. Maybe they feared someone who had the power to remove the demons from this man who had been possessed by them for so long. Maybe they feared the One who could drive these demons into a herd of pigs.

Whatever their reason, they asked Jesus to leave, and He did. He didn’t beg them to hear His Word. He didn’t beg them to turn to Him, He simply did as they asked. He got back into the boat and returned to where He had come from.

Have you asked Jesus to leave? There was a time in my life when Jesus seemed to complicate things. I didn’t want to come under conviction for the things I did. I wanted to do as I pleased without worrying about what Jesus would think about it. I did what I wanted to do and hoped He would be okay with it.

I am so thankful, however, that Jesus had placed people in my life who wouldn’t let me get off so easily. He put people in my life who I’m sure prayed for me. When I stepped away, He was still there waiting for me to return to Him.

If you have asked Jesus to leave, turn back to Him. We are told in Romans 1:18-24 if we reject Jesus there will come a time when He simply gives us over to our fleshly desires. Don’t let that happen.

Charles Spurgeon said we ask Jesus to leave because we don’t want our consciences bothered. We don’t want to be convicted of the wrong we know we are doing. We want to go against Jesus’ commands and get away with it. It simply doesn’t work that way.

We are told in Hebrews 10:26, “For if we deliberately sin after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a terrifying expectation of judgment and the fury of a fire about to consume the adversaries.” Verse 29 says, “How much worse punishment do you think one will deserve who has trampled the Son of God, regarded as profane the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and insulted the Spirit of grace?” In verses 30-31, it says…” the Lord will judge His people. It is a terrifying thing to fall into the hands of the living God!”

James 4:8 says draw near to God and He will draw near to you. If you have asked Jesus to leave, run to Him. He waits with outstretched arms.

Have a great day!