I’m Valerie and  I’ve spent many years working in government agencies helping families in need.  I am a lifelong resident of Hammond, Louisiana.  I graduated from Hammond High School and Southeastern Louisiana University where I earned a master’s degree in counseling and family therapy.

I have also been raised in a Christian home and have attended church since birth.  I grew up attending New Beulah Baptist church.

At the age of 19, I began attending Amite First United Methodist church.  I attended there for several years before attending Springfield First United Methodist Church.  Several years later I went to Tickfaw First United Methodist church.  In 2009, I returned to my home church of New Beulah Baptist.

Recently my husband and I felt lead to leave New Beulah Baptist Church.  It was really exciting because we had no idea what God had in store for us.  We joined with a number of our brothers and sisters in Christ and formed a new church, Grace Fellowship Baptist.  This is the first time either he or I have been involved in the formation of a new church.   This has been a really exciting time for us.  Please pray for our new church, as we are excited about growing and leading others to Christ.  We invite you to come and grow with us, for more information you can visit our facebook page.

When I graduated with my counseling degree I began doing family therapy with an agency in Hammond.  I was using the tools and theories learned, and while I found them beneficial, I still felt that something was lacking.  After meeting a christian counselor who proved to be a great help to a family member suffering from debilitating depression, I realized what had been missing from my counseling.  God and His Word were missing from my counseling.

It is my belief that to help someone to fully recover and overcome the many troubles we face in life, we must equip them with the help and the hope that is found in God’s Word.

I received my certification in Christian counseling in 2014 and have been practicing as a christian counselor since that time.

I post a blog six days a week and would love to invite you to study God’s word with me.

If you need assistance, please contact me through this website.  You can also read the blog on our facebook page.



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