Walking Together

Can two walk together without agreeing to meet?     Amos 3:3 CSB

If you have ever walked with someone, you know the walk is much more pleasant if you walk with someone you get along with. My dear friend and I walk several times a week. We spend roughly one hour and 45 minutes on our walks. That would be a long time to spend with someone I didn’t agree with on most issues.

Our Scripture passage asks, “Can two walk together unless they agree to meet?”

So, what does our Scripture passage mean? It refers to our relationships. It’s hard to have a good relationship with someone when you don’t agree on things or when you cannot meet or find common ground. The Israelites had abandoned their love of the Lord. They weren’t walking with Him.

Charles Spurgeon gave a sermon on this verse. I’d like to share an excerpt from his outline of this sermon. He first spoke of our communion or relationship with other saints or Christians. Saints are not those who are canonized by a religion, we are the saints if we choose to live in communion with God, which we will discuss next.

When we live with other saints, we are living with people who are very different from us in terms of social status, tastes, and views. Yet we bond together over a mutual love, concern, and enjoyment of each other. We do so because of our great love for the Lord. This reveals a true holiness.

When we are in communion with God, this is something we enjoy. We know from numerous Scripture passages that Adam and many others have enjoyed this communion. We can do the same in all seasons, even in death and troubled times. It is beyond human comprehension, but it consists of three things. First and most importantly, it consists of mutual love. Secondly, it consists of mutual revelation. We speak to God through prayer, and He speaks to us through His holy word. And last but not least, it consists of common aims and interests. As Christians, we seek righteousness and aspire to spend eternity in heaven with God the Father.

To do these things, we must agree with God. We must be in a solid relationship with Him. We must be reconciled to Him. This can only be done by the blood of Jesus Christ. We must surrender to Him and accept Jesus as our Savior.

Our sin makes it impossible for us to be in a relationship with God. So, several things must take place. First, we must be pardoned and justified.

Once we are justified, we must be made new. We must be converted and transformed. We can then be sanctified or set apart.

We then develop this relationship into a much deeper relationship through Bible study and prayer.

Charles Spurgeon warns that none of us should pretend to be in a relationship with God if we are not like God. We are told in Ephesians 5:1 that we are to be imitators of God.

We disagree with God when we harbor or refuse to let go of our sin and self-righteousness. If we do these things, we cannot walk with God.

Then Charles Spurgeon points out that if it is necessary for us to have holiness to walk with God then how much more necessary is holiness to dwell with Him forever?

We can also have a relationship or walk in agreement with the devil. If we sin, we agree with the devil. Our walk and our talk show what is in our hearts.

Mr. Spurgeon then said something we must all consider, “Those whom we walk with here, we must live with forever.”

Whoever we share a constant companionship with here on earth will be our companion for all of eternity.

Jesus said in Matthew 7:14 that the gate is narrow, and the path is constricted that leads to life and few find it.

Walk with Jesus so you will be on the right path. He will lead you to eternal life.

Have a great day!